BRIONI: Storied Italian Tailoring Brand Hires Justin O'Shea As Creative Director


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Brioni isn't, to put it mildly, a hot label these days. Anyone that knows anything about suits knows that the Brioni, founded in Rome in 1945, is one of about ten tailoring houses that gets a legitimate sartorial stamp and often credited for having the first mens runaway show in history staged in 1952. Not to mention one of the James Bond suits. Justin O'Shea, global fashion director of the German-based womans online retailer My Theresa. GQ reports
O'Shea,  has no formal design training, which makes him a highly unconventional choice for a job at a storied Italian tailoring house. He is, however, an immensely skilled businessman (according to Business of Fashion, which broke the news, he's grown My Theresa from a small boutique in Munich into a business that commands $130 million in annual revenue), and in a tumultuous climate, having the skills to bring in money and give customers great things to wear are equally important skills
Were seeing this more and more, fashion houses moving to a multi platformed creative director versus someone that can draw a ruffle dress with a marker. Heidi Slimane comes to mind, setting the world on fire with the skinny jean as the creative director of Dior Homme and now Saint Laurent. Slimane was a merchandiser as opposed to a cold hard designer so the specification doesn't seem to be as important as it once was. If Brioni is trying to make a play at the contemporary mens market this looks like a smart move as O'Shea has long been a mainstay on just about every fashion blog for the past few years. Standing out with his tattooed, bearded look, styled with agressive collars, harkening to the Lagerfeld class, mitograph00227-new-york-fashion-week-justin-oshea-street-style O'Shea will replace previous creative director Brendane Mullane after he resigned last month.
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