New Museum Opens in the UK: British Museum of Food!


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A new museum opens in the UK, and it's all about the food. The British Museum of Food (BMoF) not only embraces but showcases food in art. Exhibits include art made of things you can eat, the internal mechanics of what your insides do with food, a room full of chocolate (any girls dream once a month), a room of menus from the best restaurants in the history of Brittan, and last but certainly not least, the butterfly effect exhibit. Amuse interviewed museum co-founders Sam Bompas and Harry Parr about the opening of the UK’s first-ever museum of food, who said their hope is to "inform the public to reassess its relationship with food in an imaginative new way." Here's more:
"Our initial exhibits give a taste of the experience we hope our permanent museum can perpetuate, with a series of exciting immersive and interactive exhibits. The British Museum of Food will showcase the most exciting elements of food, drawing together the history, evolution, science, art, sociology and contemporary trends of food, presenting it in exciting new ways."

BMoF 22is open daily and located at 1 Cathedral Street, London SE1 9DE, United Kingdom.

  Words by Karly Freeman


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