YEAR IN REVIEW: The 10 Breakout Stars of 2015 - #8 John Boyega


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John Boyega By now it would be impossible not to recognize John Boyega, the 23 year-old Nigerian-Brit actor synonymous with the world’s favorite rebellious Stormtrooper, and possibly the most likeable interview subject we’ve ever seen. The role of Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned him a nomination for the title of BAFTA’s Rising Star, and several Internet-shattering memes spawning from the bromantical “courtships” with the film’s leading men. But before starring in the highest grossing movie in U.S. history, he was essentially a complete unknown, at least here in the states. Boyega rose to some prominence appearing in a couple of modestly received films, but nothing that could have prepared him for the trajectory of his suddenly catapulting career, thanks to his spot in the behemoth blockbuster franchise. Next up, Boyega will be lending his voice on a Nickelodeon animated series, but you’ll see him again on the big screen soon appearing opposite Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in the film adaptation of Dave Eggers’ novel The Circle in 2016.


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