YEAR IN REVIEW: The 10 Breakout Stars of 2015 - #1 Rami Malek


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Mr. Robot, Rami Malek Can you think of a single noteworthy thing Rami Malek was in before he stormed onto one of the best television shows airing right now? If anything, maybe you caught him in the short-lived 2010 miniseries The Pacific, or in the acclaimed Short Term 12 for one of his 20 lines. Not to say his screen time reflects his acting ability, but rather that none of us had any idea of the deep well of talent waiting within Malek. USA’s utterly surprising jewel Mr. Robot has given him the perfect well-needed opportunity to showcase himself. As Elliot Alderson, the brilliant, paranoid, introverted, bug-eyed, addict, vigilante hacker weirdo, Malek abides by his own social and ethical borders. His portrayal of a sometimes painfully socially discordant character is mostly unique, but always captivating. Malek’s Elliot does occasionally verge into campy, urban anti-superhero territory with a compulsive flip of his sweatshirt hood like an identity concealing cape, and a frenzied rush onto a subway train during inner monologues of just how “different” and weird he is. But it takes little away from this totally engrossing, cleanly crafted show. What Rami Malek has accomplished as Elliot Alderson in a single season absolutely blows my mind—I’m hooked. And what a great breakthrough role leading to his first real public recognition. There’s more to talk about in regards to the show’s excellence, or ambitions in story, style, and direction, but Malek as the intended star rose to the occasion and will hopefully keep on rising in 2016's season 2.


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