Golden Globes: The Good, the Bad, the Weird


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By Michael Cherrito It's awards season and with that the questionable Golden Globes aired sunday. Love 'em or hate 'em, they provide a quotient of validity. The Golden Globes have had a weird history, everything from being accused of bribes to just nominating people or movies for the hell of it. THE GOOD Ricky Gervais was awkward and mean as usual. As much as I loved Mad Max, I'm okay with a movie like The Revenant winning every important honor at the Globes. It's an ambitious film bred for award season. If Leo does in fact win an Oscar for this movie, it's a minor consolation for passing him up on so many previous roles, but sadly, I don't think he deserves it for this one. Sorry, Leo, you win at everything else. Ridley Scott's acceptance speech for the Martian. Ridley Scott is at that  point in his career where he can do just about whatever he wants― and he knows it. He's one of the greatest filmmakers of our time, and easily one of the most successful. Mr. Robot kicking down doors, winning for Best TV Series Drama, and Christian Slater winning for Best Supporting Actor. Albeit it's a shame our boy Rami Malek lost, at least it was to the great Jon Hamm. There's still time for you, Rami. Oscar Isaac continues to take over the world, winning an award for his lead role in Show Me A Hero... Charming son of a bitch! THE BAD Running the closing music over Ridley Scotts speech, which included a nod to his late brother, the greatly missed Tony Scott. Bad taste to whomever the producer was. How the hell was JOY nominated for anything? Okay, Jennifer Lawrence was fine in it, but giving it a nod for best picture? Something's up. THE WEIRD THE MARTIAN wins for Best Comedy or Musical??? I'm not sold on this movie falling under that category, but I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that it gets released onto home media this week... Some high points and low points, but the Golden Globes as a whole? Still mostly weird.


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