Bernie Sanders Rallies Internet to Support Political Campaign


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  Democratic presidential hopeful amasses campaign funds through unconventional means. National Democratic Party nominee Bernie Sanders has amassed a wealth of campaign funds from what could only be described as a Kickstarter for political campaigns, or a “digital grassroots media” movement as explained by a spokeswoman from The Daily Beast. While his competitors have taken to more conventional means of accruing funds, the Larry David doppelgänger has taken arms to the Internet to rally his cause. With no reliance on large donations, super-PACs, or an actual team dedicated to fundraising, the Vermont senator raked in about $73 million during the past year through social media and e-mails requesting small sum donations of at most $100. Other candidates may have the endorsements and support from major donors or political allies, but in this day and age, the support of the Internet speaks volumes. As for Bernie Sanders’ thoughts on this, let’s just say it’s, eh, pretty, pretty good. The senator will be vying for the Democratic Party nomination alongside Hilary Clinton and Martin O’Malley.   Words by Kenneth Vu


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