Kim Jones Speaks Out On Wage Practices At Louis Vuitton


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The candid designer is just looking out for his crew. In the industry of fashion, there's a nasty underlying truth of how it can be predatory in its conduction of labor practices. Profits is the name of the game in fashion, and while most can agree creativity is the driving force of the industry's ever-evolving nature, none can doubt its increasing reliance on cheap materials, shady production, and most significantly of all, dirt-cheap human labor. But it may still come as a surprise to many that Kim Jones, the 36-year-old understatedly cool menswear designer of Louis Vuitton, has further illuminated this controversial issue in a London Fashion Week Talk Series interview with ShowStudio editor, Lou Stoppard. Jones said his menswear team at the popular French luxury house is being unjustly paid the same amount for their work, even after an increase in the annual collections quota from a mundane four to an insanely stressful 12. It's the ugly underbelly of the industry, prevalent anywhere from high-street ateliers to fast-fashion corporations, but you simply cannot “expect extra work for free. That's just important.”   Words by Brian Bui 


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