Alessandro Michele Presents an Eclectic Spring/Summer 2016 Collection


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The new creative director of Gucci cannot be stopped. Jesus... Gucci's Spring/Summer 2016 collection is amazing. Led by former accessories designer and recently appointed creative director of the Florence-based luxury powerhouse, Alessandro Michele, the runway was filled with looks that exuded a retro, quirky, and eccentric 1970s vibe. The 43-year-old talent also happens to look a whole lot like Jesus, which is sort of apt because sales at the brand have been stagnant, and since Michele's appointment last January, the entire industry has hailed his arrival as the saving grace of a brand in dire need of revitalization. The brand certainly calls for rejuvenation in many ways, its muddled brand image and overall lack of cohesiveness among them, but Michele's work seems to be hitting the right notes so far. S/S 2016 gave the brand a much-needed injection of idyllic juxtapositions -- modernism enmeshed with preciousness, nostalgic undertones played with notions of youthfulness, and the nerdy got to hang out with the cool. All hail Michele.   Words by Brian Bui


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