New Suicide Squad Trailer


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On monday night Warner Bros. squeaked out the latest trailer for David Ayer's, Suicide Squad. We haven't yet released our Most anticipated list of 2016, you can bet that Suicide Squad will be on there. This is the year of Super Hero movies, if you count TMNT 2,  there's 8 goddamned super hero movies! Critics have been saying it for years that were going to reach a saturation point but it hasn't happened. Though the box office didn't reflect it, last summers Avengers 2, was universally disliked by fans and critics for the first time since Marvels expansion with Disney. Now DC has some skin in the game, with Batman vs. Superman coming out in march, Suicide Squad in August and the 2017 rollout of Justice League. Though  it's not clear what involvement any of the members ofSuicide Squad will have other then, I'm sure, Jared Leto's Joker. If you feel like geeking out: -Michael Cherrito


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