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So by now just about everyone has heard about Blake Griffin, superstar power forward for the LA Clippers, poster boy for those hilarious Kia commercials, and the most athletic ginger to ever grace the coveted hardwood floors of the nba, punching his friend/equipment manager outside a Toronto restaurant. Not much is known other then Blake Griffin broke his hand on the punch and probably will be sidelined until mid February at the earliest. This is surprising being that Griffin on a nightly basis is the recipient of some of the nastiest intentional fouls due to his overwhelming athleticism and other players not wanting to end up on the losing end of a poster. And not once has Blake really gone after anyone, exhibiting almost zen like refrain as most sportswriters, ex-players, and general fans have voiced they're opinion that he should take someones head off.  Shit happens and i'm sure more details will leak in the coming weeks, in the mean time we thought we would rate and detail the 10 greatest NBA fights of all time. 10. Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson Background: these were perhaps the two "buffest" basketball players you've ever seen. Mourning had a reputation for hard nosed basketball and one of the grittiest defenders to ever guard the paint. Larry Johnson, made a name for himself back in his UNLV days, implicated in payoffs and one of the larger recruiting scandals in collegiate history. Johnson looks like a character out of a movie, the big bad tough guy, golden teeth, muscles everywhere, but he was a fan favorite for years. Supposedly these two had bad blood from they're Charlotte Days.. Who kows: This fight was all hype, no one connected, the best part was the Knicks, then coach, Jeff Van Gundy holding onto Mournings leg like a small child would an adult Winner: This is a bad look for both guys, a let down on every front. They both lose for being idiots Grade: C 9. Shaq VS. Charles Barkley To the younger generation, Shaq and Charles Barkley are known for they're emmy winning, hilarious! NBA on TNT. But at one point these two men were the most physically dominant at they're respective positions. The only thing better then this fight is watching them discuss it over a decade later The best part about it is the two players involved. No one really landed anything but i'm pretty sure Shaq could take somebody's head off if he connected Winner: Though no one was hit, if we were scoring this like a wrestling match, you would have to give a point to Sir Charles for the take down.   8. Chris Childs VS. Kobe Bryant Kobe, is one of those players that other players seem to want to punch as this isn't going to be the only time he shows up on this list. I'm not sure Kobe saw this one coming, a 6'6 Kobe towering over the 6'3 Childs. Most sports fights, end up with spaghetti arm punches or wild haymakers that usually hit bystanders, not Chris Childs, he hit's him with a 1-2 combo that would have made Sugar Ray Leanord proud. Fast forward, Kobe has 5 rings a storied career that is sure to land him in the hall of fame while Chris Childs has, well...I guess a good story about the time he punked Kobe? Winner: Chris Childs   7.  Larry Bird VS. The "Bad Boys" era Pistons Ask anyone that played with him or against him and they will tell you, Larry Bird is a bad man. Larry Bird, in his prime, could light anyone in the league up at any given time, this includes Jordan and Magic. In the 80's the Pistons were known for playing a rough brand of basketball which included cheap shots and intimidation. Bird torched them multiple times throughout his career, with more then his basketball game The footage doesn't do it justice, he goes after Bill Lambier with no hesitation after a hard foul, then to top it off he pegs him in the head with a basketball prompting a then tattoo-less Dennis Rodman to try and step up and as you can see, it doesn't go very well for him. Who wins: Larry Legend, of course   6. Reggie Miller VS. Kobe Bryant Our boy Kobe shows up again on the list and again it isn't good for him. It's hard to tell from the footage, but essentially Reggie Miller choke slams Kobe onto the scorers table and they lock up. Reggie is dirty, Kobe is cocky. This is more of a vet trying to put a young guy in his place. Who wins: Reggie Miller   5, Larry Bird VS Julius Erving As stated earlier, Bird doesn't take shit from people, this was just bad luck ok, Bird gets put in a choke hold by Moses Malone, and his arms pinned by Charles Barkley. The craziest part about this, is that no one from Boston grabs Erving while he tee's off on Birds mustache. Winner: Draw (Larry Bird doesn't lose fights) 4. Zach Randolph vs Lou Amundson It's hard to tell within the confines of professional sports, if a player has the physical and mental faculties to fall under the "tough guy" category. Make no mistake, Z-Bo is one of the scariest dudes in the game, from multiple off court incidents, including alleged ties to drug trafficking,  to being an overall bruiser on the court thats punked every perceived "tough guy" in the nba, you can think of. The main detraction from this fight, is that nobody knows who Lou Amundson is He clocks him! I'm pretty sure Amundson forgot what day of the week it was Winner: Clearly Zach Randolph 3. Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith VS. Mardy Collins and Nate Robinson I remember this fight vividly for one specific reason, I had both Smith and Melo on my fantasy team that year, both were having career seasons and were suspended for most of the remainder after this mugging To make sense of this melee, Mardy Collins, a no name, defensive minded guard for the Knicks, fouls Jr. Smith on a fast break, they get in a scuffle. Nate Robinson, who I believe is listed at 5'8 but is realistically more like 5'6, gets in between them to back up his teammate, Collins. Jr, probably not properly assessing the situation and forgetting the rule that you never mess with those angry little guys, THEYRE CRAZY! Nate Robinson handles Smith, hip tosses him to the ground and lets lose a fury of punches that only Lil' Nate is capable of doing. The worst part about this is Carmelo Anthony coming in mid way and cheap shotting Collins, then proceeds to literally run away. Winner: Nate Robinson, no question 2. Kermit Washington VS Rudy Tomjanovich This is where we hit a serious note. I almost hate putting this on the list because of the fallout of the fight. Watch the video A punch that essentially ended both players careers. Rudy T went on to a fairly successful coaching career but wasn't able to play basketball anymore due to health reasons resulting from the punch. Washington unfortunately became some what of a black sheep in the league and didn't last much longer either. Winner: Washington got the knockout, but was essentially banned from basketball, while Rudy T  has stayed in the league in some capacity to this day. Draw
  1. Malice at the Palace
This incident changed sports forever. Marking one of the first times in the modern era, that that players actually went after fans. But let's back it up, Ron Artest is one of the most fascinating basketball players from his unorthodox, but effective, offensive game, to being a psycho on defense. Artest, in the midst of a career season on Indiana, asked for the rest of the year off so he could finish his rap album? Keep in mind, this is also the same dude that tried to get a part time job at Circuit City so he could get an employees discount... Oh yeah, he also changed his name to Metta World Peace. Anyways, if you have the time i recommend the oral history that the now deceased did on the fight a few years back   I still can't believe this happened, but this wraps up the list. Here's to hoping Blake Griffin takes it easy on his equipment manager next time. -Michael Cherrito


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