V V Brown Wears Whiteface


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 V V Brown wears white face in a new political music video for Sacrifice V V Brown - Sacrifice Vanessa Brown, professionally known as VV Brown, makes a huge statement in her new song and music video Sacrifice. The artist appears in whiteface, a blonde wig, blue contacts and specs, smoking in a dark room with a projection screen playing images of slaves. The video starts off with iconic speeches from Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy’s Civil Rights movement announcement followed by her song. VV Brown describes the song as an indictment of the way “black is seen as negative and white as successful” in an accompanying essay for The Guardian, adding that people do not look at her the way they look at white people. And for that reason, she intended to make a music video with a clear political message to open people’s eyes and remind them what blacks once had to go through, and often still do across America. That even though society is growing towards equality, there's much more work to be done and progress to be made. Happy Black History Month.   By Karly Freeman


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