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It's important that i preface this post with the disclaimer that "I have no idea what i'm talking about". Now that thats out of the way and we understand each other, I'll continue. If your like me, you've been watching the GOP primary's like the character in a movie that can see a car wreck happen a year from now, yet there's not much you can do about it. The fact that Donald Trump will most likely end up the Republican parties representative is that car wreck, i guess the equivalent of him winning would be that car crashing into a nuclear reactor, the wreck detonating a nuclear explosion, destroying the free world!! But i digress . Democrats don't even have to be smart at this point,  between Sara Palin's famous burnout as John Mccain's running mate last election, to Donald Trump stomping his competition thus far in the primaries. There is no way, and i repeat NO WAY, that we can trust a man like Donald Trump to represent this country. Say what you wan't about the Obama administration, Obama at the very least did wonders for the countries public relations, repairing 8 years of damage Bush Jr. did to the perception of the American citizen seen through the eyes of other countries. I'm  of the belief that, this day in age, the president as a singular individual doesn't have the power once perceived. While he has the power to write policy he is more of a figurehead these days... but what do I know. Anyway's, i've been sitting apathetically by, watching this circus not able to quite put my finger on why Trump is so wrong other then the fact that he sounds like a buffoon! Which in most cases should be enough to discount someone from running for POTUS, apparently not.  Trevor Noah  made the comparison that while Trump is silly as the president of a democratic nation, he makes perfect sense as an African Warlord. The comparison is so accurate that it almost isn't funny.  John Oliver finally gave us the rant that we've been waiting for, watch below: -Words By Michael Cherrito


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