FEATURE: The Return of the Cinematic Music Video ― Smoke Season Debuts "When the Smoke Clears" off Ouroboros EP


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Pairing up exploratory guitar and synth music with cinematic storytelling isn't necessarily groundbreaking territory, but it realizes its potential with Los Angeles indie-electro band Smoke Season's Ouroboros project. The duo's latest music video "When the Smoke Clears" is the second installment in a 4-part story arc shot by APLUSFILMZ, a series of short films for each video of the Ouroboros EP.  They're not quite music videos, not quite films on their own, but so far the series hints that the cycle will end up as a cohesive and impactful whole.  At the series' end, each video will play consecutively as one short film proving that even the most disparate personal journeys, at surface, are truly interconnected strands of the human experience. As we hear at the end of "When the Smoke Clears": We all have a different story, but it's part of the same story. Smoke Season Director Scott Fleishman manages to create revealing vignettes about people in moments of core vulnerability and moral crisis with both restraint and sensitivity. The first video, "Loose," deals with the stresses of overall teenage life with a focus on the unfortunate remaining stigma surrounding LGBTQ relationships. The latest video, "When the Smoke Clears," deals with a veteran in the throes of PTSD. The third and fourth video concepts are yet to be released, but we can assume Ouroboros is a project unafraid of dealing with hot button issues.
"We all have a different story, but it's part of the same story."
While Fleishman may be the sole directorial credit, he co-wrote the series with Smoke Season front woman Gabrielle Wortman. Wortman's input is undoubtedly essential for the collaboration. After all, these are her songs and who would better know how to use them than their creator? Her voice comes through as well-developed as any of the characters in these stories and it'll be intriguing to see if she returns to the world of film soon. Smoke Season As for the songs themselves, they're sure to satisfy anyone with a taste for melancholy electro-pop without being too heavy-handed. Given Wortman's involvement in both song and screenwriting, it's hard not to try to find any given connection between the two. It would seem, however, that both are meant to complement each other without necessarily telling the same tales. Ultimately, both stand well on their own, but even stronger together. Watch Smoke Season's video for "When the Smoke Clears" below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GEmh_M_Nug  
Credits Words by Mack Hayden Images courtesy of Smoke Season 


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