NEW SINGLE: M83 Releases First Song off Forthcoming Album Junk, Drops April 8


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What pairs better with synth-pop than puppets, a psychedelic Yorkie head, and space-age apathy? There was no escaping hearing the catchy, ethereal hooks of an M83 song off their 2011 double LP Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming until at least 2014. The list of movies and commercials featuring M83 tracks is pretty impressive. After all, the album was one of the decade’s best in electronic music, garnering countless rave reviews and a Grammy nomination. In December 2015, the French-born, Los Angeles-based band, led by Anthony Gonzalez, finished their upcoming album, Junk, set for release via Mute Records on April 8. M83 Junk In a press release for the album, Gonzalez discussed the modern dilemma of reaching a cultural saturation point in the digital age. He elaborated on the album’s title stating, “Anything we create today is going to end up being space junk at one point anyway, and I find it really fascinating and scary at the same time - beautiful too in a way. I have this image of pieces of humanity floating in space, lost forever.” While Gonzalez conjures up perhaps a depressing yet bittersweet image, the first single, “Do It, Try It” (and accompanying audio video consisting entirely of a teacup Yorkie's head floating in space) is far from melancholy. The song opens with Gonzalez singing, "Listen to the sound of the new tomorrow," and hits a similar anthemic stride as some of M83's biggests hits off Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.
"I have this image of pieces of humanity floating in space, lost forever.” ― Anthony Gonzalez
Gonzalez told Entertainment Weekly he's proud of the album because it differs vastly from what M83 has done in the past. The new single has some serious 80’s dance vibes, but maintains M83’s signature wall of "epic" synth sound. With track titles like “Bibi the Dog,” “Moon Crystal,” and “Laser Gun,” it’s clear M83 is not only trying something new with Junk, they're also trying to keep it fun. Check out the new single, "Do It, Try It," below and the full track list (via Pitchfork). Junk: 01 Do It, Try It 02 Go! [ft. Mai Lan] 03 Walkway Blues [ft. Jordan Lawlor] 04 Bibi the Dog [ft. Mai Lan] 05 Moon Crystal 06 For the Kids [ft. Susanne Sundfør] 07 Solitude 08 The Wizard 09 Laser Gun  [ft. Mai Lan] 10 Road Blaster 11 Tension 12 Atlantique Sud  [ft. Mai Lan] 13 Time Wind [ft. Beck] 14 Ludivine 15 Sunday Night 1987  
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