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David Lynch is the sort of artist whose deranged and beautiful work influences any number of musicians, consciously or subconsciously. Still, the announcement of Xiu Xiu's covers compilation, Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, is a real match made in some kind of heavenly hell. Jamie Stewart's noisy, synth-laden work with Xiu Xiu has long shared dark thematic similarities with Lynch's groundbreaking TV show, and he just recently displayed his prowess at reinterpreting musical source material with another album of Nina Simone covers, appropriately titled Nina.

 Luckily for Xiu Xiu, the upcoming reboot of Twin Peaks is meeting with far less controversy and far more excitement than the upcoming Simone biopic. The show is on tap to return after a quarter century of radio silence in early 2017. Angelo Badalementi's score for the show's original run has long enjoyed acclaim for its wholeheartedly and indiscriminate embrace of both kitschy schmaltz and existential dread. Anyone who's experienced a cathartic dark night of the soil with Xiu Xiu's Fabulous Muscles, Dear God, I Hate Myself or other work should know this is a band who's definitely up to the task of respectfully reimagining a score that's hard to duplicate.


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 Xiu Xiu has performed this material live a handful of times since being commissioned to put together a set of covers for an Australian celebratory Lynch art exhibit. Europe will soon be treated to even more live performances and those in the states can hope they expand their tour beyond a one-off performance in New York. Production credit for the record is divvied between Jherek Bischoff (ex-Xiu Xiu) and Greg Saunier (Deerhoof). As of now, we merely have an official recording of the show's theme song "Falling," but it's a terrific taste of the beautiful dissonance sure to characterize the album in total. It comes out this Record Store Day, April 16, through Polyvinyl in America and Bella Union in Europe.

Listen to "Falling" below.  

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