LINGERIE: Creepyyeha - Mixing Feminism & Fetishism

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Inspired by Madonna, worn by FKA Twigs, meet the new lingerie line taking over Instagram.

Get out of here Layne Bryant, move over Victoria’s Secret, and make room for Creepyyeha. Beautiful and edgy, hard and soft, the designs of Creepyyeha are everything you want in lingerie. The brand so elegantly mixes leather, garter belts, chokers, and harnesses to create something that is truly unique. It's architectural and delicate, and it is about to take social media by storm. Chinese-American designer Yeha Leugn brings the brand to life. She custom makes and models all of her designs. Of her brand, Leugn told Dazed, “It all started naturally. Since early on I have been blogging about design and outfits that I'd put together. I could never find clothes that I wanted to wear, so I decided to make them.” She continues, “What drew me to lingerie was the Blonde Ambition tour videos of Madonna… I didn't even have the slightest idea of what lingerie was at that moment, but I remember how amazed I was at such beautiful clothes. Every outfit change was so dramatic and stunning.” Creepyyeha Creepyyeha Creepyyeha Creepyyeha   Creepyyeha Creepyyeha Creepyyeha     What is most amazing about Creepyyeha is how well it walks the fine line between fashion and fetishism. The colors, details, and bows have a very feminine and fashion-forward feel. However, it is lingerie ― lingerie with metal, leather, garters, and restrictive garments. This combination between fetishism and femininity makes the brand stand out. In the same interview with Dazed, Leugn addressed the juxtaposition. She said, “This has always just been my taste. I like the contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.” She continues, “I don't consider my brand fetish wear. I design things that I consider beautiful without a preconceived label ―I try to see design as a tool of freedom and to label it would defeat that purpose.” You can get your own Creepyeha design at their website.  
Credits Words by Nailah Bakari Images via Instagram and Tumblr