STREETWEAR: Maharishi Men SS16 Morph Cycle Lookbook

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When monk meets military When you think of the origins of streetwear, you think Freshjive and Fuct, it's impossible to complete the conversation without touching on UK's og streetwear brand, Maharishi. This week we were graced with part 1 and part 2 of Maharishi’s SS16 video lookbook. If you’ve never seen one of their video lookbooks before, you’re in for a treat. The U.K based brand uses a patented “morph cycle” technique. With this, models rotate and the clothes they wear morph into a new outfit every few seconds. it sounds cool because it is. The collection itself is very monk meets military. You can see the Buddhist inspiration in the bright orange color of some of the garments. Then, you get an obvious military vibe from the camouflage, and army green that is also worked into the collection. In addition, the collection also draws inspiration from Roman Catholic Priest, and the Knights Templar. It’s a quirky hodgepodge, but the end result is what we've come to expect, dope.  
Words Nailah Bakari Photo Cred Vouge