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It’s pronounced BLACK





“Whether it clicked or not I wanted to be able to say ‘f**k it’ and make something,” Creative director Cheyne Gilmore.



Dubbed The Warsaw Collection, the fourth collection from the Southern California contemporary brand BLC, is symbolic of the WWII Polish uprising in the Warsaw ghetto that was set ablaze and decimated.

 “I need to choose my words carefully here out of respect surrounding the history of what went down in the Warsaw Ghetto. Fashion is not nearly as important as real life, it's a luxury, it's make believe,” Gilmore clarified. “The Warsaw Collection is essentially a space where the brand is currently, taking something apart, burning it down with hopes of creating something new from what’s left.”


The ‘something new’ Gilmore has created is a phenomenal mix of urban and modern streetwear. It is a stylized, streamline look for the outsider ready to embrace his inner hero and villain. The Warsaw Collection combines bold prints, brooding silhouettes, and tight patterns that all give off a vibe that’s unique to BLC’s mantra of ‘identity without dogma’.


 The third outing for BLC also keeps to the tradition of impressive jackets including lite weight trench style bombers and coats. Jackets have always been the centerpiece for the brand. He uses The Warsaw Collection as a venue to reinvent accessible with function and comfort.

  For such a young brand, BLC has a very distinct and unique point of view. It is entirely attributable to its creator who used The Warsaw Collection to bring his specific vision to life. 

 “When you start something, you go with your gut and conviction... whatever you feel is cool,” said Gilmore. “I wanted to start something that was mine. This is actually the first collection I’ve named. It’s usually just a number.”


BLC is off to a strong start. However, the future of the brand remains a question mark. Even Gilmore does not have the answer.     

 “Design is creative alchemy combined with a philosophy of living. It doesn’t always have to result in gold as long as it speaks to people,” he said. “Whatever is next will look different, be different. Maybe even under a different label, I don't know. The rules are changing every day.”


You can shop BLC here.

Words by Nailah Bakari and Katie Cocquet

Photos by Nathan Vernes

Video by Jacob x Jordan