GEN X: Billy Corgan Has Things to Say About Consumerism, Millennials


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Noted cat fancier and professional wrestling advocate, Billy Corgan, has finally figured out how we should all feel about bands playing their albums start to finish on recent tours. The issue came up when Rolling Stone interviewed him recently about the twentieth anniversary of Smashing Pumpkins' landmark double LP, Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness. "The idea of getting up and playing an album that was never meant to be played live in that sequence smacks of consumerism," said Corgan, twenty years after deciding to sequence an album in that precise fashion. His criticism comes on the tail of Bruce Springsteen performing his own double album, The River, live on a recent tour alongside other groups like Weezer and Pixies. Unlike any of them, Corgan is clearly releasing new material on the same level as Siamese Dream with each new Pumpkins album. "The millennials love Siamese Dream," he weighed in. "Who'd've guessed, I mean, no one's harder on the millennials than me. But they loved Siamese Dream? Great! But I'm not gonna go out there and hack around just to reclaim some light that I don't feel has gone out. The light is still in my eyes. I'm still more than capable of producing new work. I wrote a new song this morning and that's what I'm out here doing."
"I'm not gonna go out there and hack around just to reclaim some light that I don't feel has gone out." ― Billy Corgan
Whether or not Corgan would be first in line to see the Kim Deal-less Pixies play exclusively Indie Cindy cuts instead of selling out by playing their near perfect, obsessively loved songs from Surfer Rosa and Doolittle was left up in the air. It's really a shame given how silly and consumeristic millennials are. Without his guidance, how will they know what to love? Smashing Pumpkins fans can rest assured that Corgan isn't about to sell out anytime soon. While we're waiting for a new album from the band, we can watch him championing artistic authenticity in the ring of his new pro wrestling syndicate. Not kidding.  
Credits Words by Mack Hayden  Photo by Scarlet Page