MUSIC: LCD Soundsystem Play Their First Shows in Six Years


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For anyone who was leaping for joy when LCD Soundsystem called it quits on calling it quits, this weekend brings exciting news. The band will perform at New York's Webster Hall on March 27, fittingly rising from the dead on Easter Sunday, followed by another show the very next night. For those who won't be able to attend, grainy iPhone footage will be able to tide fans over until the official Coachella live stream hits the Internet when they headline the festival on April 15 and 22 of this year. As per front man James Murphy's initial announcement about the reunion, there'll be plenty of other opportunities to check out the band on the festival circuit (they're headlining Lollapalooza and New York's new Panorama festival among others) and on an ensuing tour of their own. It's hard to believe any band means goodbye when they say it considering the historical precedent for resurrection but Murphy's rekindling of LCD Soundsystem really does come as a welcome surprise. After releasing three incredible albums that, in essence, defined mid-to-late 2000s alternative electronic rock, the group made a huge deal about terminating their existence with shows at Madison Square Garden. These performances formed the bulk of material for their farewell documentary, Shut Up and Play the Hits. Since the band's initial dissolution, Murphy helped Arcade Fire with the production on Reflektor and started brainstorming ways to incorporate music into the New York subway experience. LCD Soundsystem released a Christmas song last year and, after a month or so of wondering whether that would be the only return the group would be making, fans were informed there would be a full scale reunion and new album to boot. LCD Soundsystem's resurrection is proof we live in a fast paced era. It's been less than a decade since they were gone but it feels so nice to know they're already back.

Words By Mack Hayden

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