Upcoming Warcraft Film Could Be the Greatest Game Adaptation Ever

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Never before has a PC game been made on such a massive scale, plus you would not want to disappoint its millions of ardent fans.  First released at this year's Blizzcon on November 6, Duncan Jones' Warcraft trailer has all the accoutrements of a great trailer. But most importantly, would it satisfy the millions of fans (over 100 million subscribers have played the game since its release) of the PC game that the series has so enraptured? Activision Blizzard, whose subsidiary Blizzard Entertainment created the online gaming behemoth, along with the largest independent studio in Hollywood, Legendary Pictures, seem to think so. The estimated budget is considered to be over $100 million and the film was made in collaboration with Blizzard to make sure that it is a film that will not disappoint its giant fan base. Directed by indie award-winning director of Moon, Duncan Jones, it's set for release on June 10, 2016.   Words by Brian Bui