SCALPED: WGN Picks Up Vertigo Comic for Pilot

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This is long overdue. Comic books as creative property are everywhere right now. Marvel and DC properties are dominating the movie calendars and box office numbers. Both publishing behemoths tinkered with the small screen as well, but nothing has been quite as successful as Image Comics The Walking Dead on AMC. But alas every comic doesn't have to be about a superhero, or zombies, in fact some of the best are grounded in realism with a bad ass art direction. scalpedtpb4 Scalped is 60 issues of Amazing! It's a sprawling crime drama about the inter workings of organized crime on an indian reservation in the mid-west. Scalped could easily turn into the next Breaking Bad if executed correctly. WGN doesn't really have a track record yet for original programming (though Manhattan was well reviewed but under watched) that doesn't mean that they can't use this to boost street cred. If your looking for something to binge outside of a Netflix show, I strongly recommend the Scalped books Scalped follows Dashiell Bad Horse, a Native American who returns home to his reservation after 15 years away and immediately gets mixed up with the unscrupulous Lincoln Red Crow, who is the president of the tribal council and corrupt sheriff over the entire area. Bad Horse ends up in Red Crow’s employ, but it’s later revealed that he’s actually an undercover FBI agent sent in to gather evidence against a 30 year old crime where two FBI agents lost their lives.
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